30 Day Local Food Challenge

30-Day-Local-Food-Project-Lisa-Fingleton‘It is not easy to eat local Irish food all year round and I know that that. There are hungry months in late Spring when the food is just not ready after late frosts. So three years ago I decided to do a trial month: A 30 day local food challenge. September seemed a really good option as the garden is truly abundant with tomatoes, kale, spinach, herbs, peas, beans, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, parsnips and the list goes on. It is a luscious month in the gardening calendar. To eat Irish still means doing without what Barbara Kingsolver called ‘botanically outrageous’ foods, but it is somehow easier this month with all the food on offer in the garden and hedgerows.

By eating only Irish food I hoped to reduce air miles, support local growers and farmers, eat food that is tasty and fresh and in a small way resist capitalist systems that insist that food is only about profit. I also wanted to link with local growers and engage the community around me to think about what we are eating and how we can be more sustainable in our food consumption’.

Now the 30 Day Local Food Challenge takes place every September. This year, with the support of Transition Kerry and other groups around the country, lots of people joined the challenge. This community page has been created on Facebook to share ideas, menus and the experience of eating food only from the island of Ireland.  Join the 30 Day Local Food Challenge Group (Facebook)