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Climate Artivist: Drawings, Open Studio and Creative Climate Conversation, Studio 10, 2-4pm Sunday 24th September

Join artist Lisa Fingleton for an open studio and conversation about being a climate artivist (artist/activist). Lisa is holding this space near the end of the festival for creatives and artists to reflect on the role of art in the context of the climate and biodiversity crises.

In advance of the festival Lisa created new drawings in response to artist experiences and asks us to consider: How can art and creativity be harnessed within the climate/biodiversity crises as a potent tool for change? How can the museum as a civic space play a role within an environmental call to action? How do artists cope with solistalgia (ecological grief)? What is the point of art in the face of extinction? How do we create work about climate change/ biodiversity loss without burning out?

“As artists we can start with blank pages and we can create a future beyond words…and if we can connect to what brings us joy and passion and we can translate that into climate action, then we have true transformation” – Lisa Fingleton, Earth Rising, IMMA




EARTH RISING is a four-day festival of free events and experiences aimed at addressing the climate crisis and inspiring collective action towards a sustainable and hopeful future. Taking place across the IMMA site, EARTH RISING promises an unforgettable experience that seeks to provoke, inspire, and empower audiences to become agents of change.

As a space for dialogue and understanding, IMMA recognises the significance of the climate crisis as one of the greatest challenges of our time.  EARTH RISING will be a catalyst for creative thinking, imagination, and individual agency in tacking this urgent issue, reimagining a more sustainable and liveable future for generations to come.  

EARTH RISING embodies IMMA’s commitment to fostering creative-thinking, dialogue, and understanding as we collectively address the climate crisis and envision a brighter, more sustainable future.  The museum is dedicated to promoting social progress and cultural innovation through dialogue and understanding.  With a mission to address contemporary challenges and inspire positive change, IMMA serves as a catalyst for creative thinking and individual agency in the face of pressing global issues.  

The festival’s highlights will encompass a diverse array of events, including exhibitions, screenings, workshops, and thought-provoking talks led by exciting innovators and thinkers in the fields of science, design, and creativity.  The full schedule and programme will be revealed in early September, and admission is FREE ensuring accessibility for all.