Thank you to Paola Catizone for the invitation to present my work at the opening session of Breaking Cover at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. So great to see this course on art and ecology, exploring how we as artists can respond to the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss  and move towards a positive future and the Symbiocene (Glenn Albrecht)

Breaking Cover programme at IMMA Information:

Beginning in April and culminating in September of 2021 with a group performance in the scenic grounds of IMMA, Breaking Cover will act as a think- tank, inhabiting the Museum as a physical and virtual space for diverse communities to collaborate. The cross fertilisation of ideas, the exploration of processes and the articulation of a group vision will be supported by interacting with a set of selected guest speakers and an established performance artist. The programme will consist of two monthly group meetings which will initially take place on Zoom and will hopefully move outdoors into the People’s Pavilion in the Summer months.


To book your place contact Paola Catizone via Due to government restrictions on in-person gatherings, a maximum of 12 participants can attend the in-person meetings. Our zoom sessions can accommodate everyone interested. As a commitment to a six month programme may be difficult for some, we will run each session on a stand alone, drop in basis, with the understanding that a core of consistent attendees will participate in the performance event.  The performing group will commit to attending as many workshops as possible. This course is free of charge, a keen interest in the role of art as a tool for change in the ecological crisis is the only essential requirements for admission.

The next speaker is the inspiring and engaging eco-social artist Cathy Fitzgerald on the 24th April. I just completed Cathy’s amazing eco literacy course HAUMEA and cannot recommend it enough