The Artist plays a critical role in society reflecting on life, inspiring possibility, fostering connection, wellbeing and creativity. Artists are vital in the creation of a healthy society. Although this has always been so, the Pandemic has reignited our recognition of the importance of art in our lives. How can we harness this moving forward and strengthen the symbiotic relationships between the arts and wider society?

Prof. Nicholas Rowe, Lisa Fingleton, Maria Nilsson Waller, Stace Gill & Philippa Donnellan, join us to discuss and reflect on how the arts can provide expression for life and the places and communities in which we live.


About Lisa Fingleton

Lisa Fingleton is an ecological artist, writer and grower. Living and working on a small organic, social farm near the sea, she has spent many years cultivating deep-rooted connections between art, food and farming. Her book The Local Food Project explores the power of growing and eating local food. Lisa is concerned about the fact that we are importing so much of our food and losing the capacity to be self sufficient, despite what we know about climate change and carbon footprint. For the last number of years she has been working closely with her partner Rena Blake on The Barna Way, an ecological art and biodiversity project on their farm. Last year they planted 10,000 native trees on their land.

Read more about Lisa here.

About Prof. Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas Rowe is a graduate of the Australian Ballet School and holds a PhD from the London Contemporary Dance School, University of Kent at Canterbury. He has choreographed and performed with The Finnish National Ballet, Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Nomad Dance Theatre, Modern Dance Turkey and Ramallah Dance Theatre.

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About Maria Nilsson Waller

Maria Nilsson Waller is a freelance dance artist and choreographer who also designs sound, set and costume. She was elected “Hoffnungsträgerin” (bearer of hope) 2015 by Tanzmagazine. Her work has been described as idiosyncratic, mesmerizing, pure, quirkily humorous and as poetry from the lingonberry forest.

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About Stace Gill

Stace Gill is a composer, dancer and video artist, and co-founder of Flora Fauna Project along with Maria Nilsson Waller. She is the creative director or D-LIGHT STUDIOS and is also known as electronica band The Sei.

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About Philippa Donnellan

Philippa Donnellan is an independent professional dance artist and choreographer, and the curator for the new Dance Limerick initiative DL.BRIDGE. Her creative practice is collaborative and multi-disciplinary and focuses on exploring themes and stories that respond to the place and time in which we live, by engaging with varied communities of age, experience, culture, and location.

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