The summer is a great opportunity to sketch outdoors and enjoy nature journalling for all ages and abilities. Drawing in nature helps us to really observe what is around us. It slows us down and is great for our creativity, mental health, wellbeing. We can draw our own or together with friends or family as a family. All you need are some drawing materials, a note book/journal and something to sit on. You can even treat yourself to an artist’s picnic!

In this 25 minute workshop we explore how to create an inspiring nature journal with some mindfulness and drawing tips. Other artists have also shared their nature journals for you to see.

This workshop is very timely after a year of lockdown when we have had all had a time to focus on nature and what is in our local biosphere. While the world is trying to address issues relating to climate change and biodiverisity loss, it is important that we as artists, observe what is going on around us (the birds, trees, weather patterns etc). We can create records of the present and through our observations can be catalysts for change and transformation. By getting to know the biodiversity around us, we are better able to become guardians to protect it.



 Watch Video HERE on Loom (Transcript available):


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Lisa Fingleton is Kerry County Council’s first Visual Artist in Residence. The residency is supported by Creative Ireland,  The Arts Council and Kerry’s Arts Office.