A Bealtaine Festival Roots & Shoots event in partnership with the IMMA Art & Aging Programme and eco social artist Lisa Fingleton. Lisa invites artists into to a two-day conversation into her process and approach to asking questions about climate change, biodiversity loss and food security through the visual arts. Artists will have the opportunity to explore these issues creatively through journaling, drawing and writing in Studio 10 at IMMA.

At 1.30 Friday 13th you are invited to join the conversation with Lisa and participating artists in the People’s Pavilion for a lunch time sharing event. Lisa and collaborating artists will share their process, drawings, writings and invite you to join the conversation about the food on our plate and climate change issues. This free public event is on a drop in basis and no booking is required.

isa Fingleton with Molly, IMMA 2022

About the Artist

Lisa Fingleton is an eco-social  artist, writer and organic farmer. Living and working on a small organic, social farm near the sea, she has spent many years cultivating deep-rooted connections between art, food and farming. Her book The Local Food Project explores the power of growing and eating local food. Lisa is concerned about the fact that we are importing so much of our food and losing the capacity to be self-sufficient, despite what we know about climate change and carbon footprint. For the last number of years she has undertaken the ’30 day local food challenge’, when she eats only food grown on the island of Ireland, for the month of September.

She strives to ‘be the change’ she wishes to see in the world and likes to walk the talk, grow the food and integrate life with her studio practice. For the last number of years she has been working closely with her partner Rena Blake on The Barna Way, an ecological art and biodiversity project on their farm. Last year they planted 10,000 native trees on their land.

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