The HANDS ON exhibition takes place as part of Thomastown Creative Arts Festival featuring six artists who engage physically with material. All artists embrace a hands on approach as essential to their creativity and connection with art, human nature and to the natural world.

Lisa is showing the film Voices From the Field alongside the work of Bernadette Kiely on farming and flooding. Both artists recently had their work purchased for the National Collection by The Crawford Gallery. The artist is also exhibiting 3 new drawings responding to the cilmate and biodiversity crisis.

  • Frances CROWE [tapestry]
  • Lisa FINGLETON [drawing/film]
  • Bernadette KIELY [painting]
  • Eva LYNCH [metalwork]
  • Gus MABELSON [vessels]
  • Clodagh MOLLOY [jewellery]


Thursday, August 17th at GRENNAN Mill Craft School (top floor).

There will be a screening of Voices From The Field by Lisa Fingleton at 11.00 am followed by an informal conversation at 1.00pm with the artists on show hosted by Shannon Maria Carroll, Kilkenny Arts Office Emerging Curator 2023.

Lisa Fingleton is an artist, writer and grower working in the field of ecology through largescale drawing and film. The Future is in the Fields is based on her Creative Ireland Project on the Dingle peninsula  about farmers working with their hands to grow food and raise animals while reflecting on the future in relation to climate change. Lisa runs the Barna Way ecology art Centre in Ballybunion, Co Kerry.

Shannon Maria Carroll is a curator and art historian whose research focuses on ecological practice. Her work explores and questions our relationship to the natural world, with reading, writing and conversation as key elements informing her practice. As a GAEILGEOIR she is interested in how Ireland’s native language can offer us alternative perspectives of nature, providing further insight into our connection with natural environments. The outcomes of her research are project dependent, including curating exhibitions, commissioning artworks, organising events, lecturing, writing and publishing.