Speaking Peace While Selling Arms is a limited edition screen print by Lisa Fingleton in collaboration with the Grilse Gallery. 

It is so distressing to see the levels of violence and aggression in the world. It is particularly shocking to witness the hypocrisy of those who advocate for peace on one hand while making billions from the sale of arms and weapons on the other.

We hope that art can be a catalyst for change and help us create the peaceful transformations that the world needs.

We launch this print at the 2023 Winter Solstice in the hope that art can shine a light on the things that need to change, to highlight dissonance and discord in order to transform them.

A collaboration between Lisa Fingleton and the Grilse Gallery.

You can order this limited edition print here:



Screenprint, 2023. Edition of 18 printed by the Grilse Gallery, 35 x 26 cm on watermarked 285 gsm Fabriano with deckled edge at foot

€185 inc. postage within Ireland, other countries on request

20% of sales to Médecins Sans Frontières

40% of sales to The Barna Way native woodland and biodiversity projects

40% of sales to the artist led Grilse gallery


In the face of armed hostilities across the globe, ‘speaking peace’, printing the word PEACE, is at least something positive we can do.

— Lucy and Robert Carter, Grilse Gallery


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