Despite all the challenges of the Pandemic we are continuing to enjoy Spring and all our projects here at The Barna Way. We are really focusing on biodversity, food and habitats this year. We are enjoying working with Dr Barry O Donoghue who has been conducting a biodiversity study here for the last year.

The 10,000 native trees we planted last year are starting to come to life again after the winter (Oak, Scotspine, Hawthorne, Birch and Holly). We are delighted to working with Greenbelt and Supervalu Ballybunion (through the The Woodland Environmental Fund) For the last few weeks we had hundreds of migrating red wing birds visiting us which was really magical…they were singing so loudly that the robin found it hard to get its voice heard.

Our hive has started to become active and it is so beautiful to see the bees foraging on the fine days. We hope we have enough willow and flowers to feed them until the dandelion arrives! The weather has been challenging and all the rain has made the fields very wet and we are up to ankles in mud in places!

We save a lot of our seed here every year so they are all coming out of their envelopes now. There are plants germinating everywhere as we start propagating food plants and flowers. At this time of the year every inch of warm, bright indoor space is precious. It is wonderful to see  so many people growing and such an interest in the local food project . The pandemic, climate change and Brexit have really shown us the importance of resilience and food sovereignty.

We have lots more exciting news but will save that for the next post…In the meantime here are some media links and projects….