Lisa Fingleton worked with Creative Ireland over the three days of the National Ploughing Championship on the Creative Climate Wall.  She produced a large-scale Interactive drawing project (33 metres in length) called The Future Is In The Fields which responded live to the solutions for climate change offered by farmers.  Lisa and a team (of farmers from Dingle and artists from Waterford Walls) interacted with hundreds of farmers at the event and drew their ideas onto the wall. This project was part of her work as the embedded artist with Corca Dhuibhne Inbhuanaithe / A Creative Imagining, one of 15 projects being funded by Creative Ireland’s Creative Climate Action fund.  Read about the experience of the artist and others involved in the project. The learning Brief by Clare Watson at Marei is available here:

Qoute from Niamh Foley, Farmer:

‘I see art as a new language. it is something that should be used for a lot of programs to get messages across, because it does actually engage people. It’s amazing.’


Quote from Tania Banotti, Director, Creative Ireland:

“The wall was a big success for Creative Ireland. The sheer level of engagement in terms of visibility and what it was trying to convey was huge, as was the creative way it allowed us to have conversations around climate action. Having the farmers from the Dingle Peninsula and Lisa and Catríona there allowed us to deepen the conversation during the panel discussions. Many farmers seemed intrigued by Lisa as both a farmer and an artist, and that credibility disarmed the initial sceptical reactions from some.”