Coming soon….This children’s workshop (ages 8+) will be available on this page for Cruinniú na Nóg from 9am on Saturday 12th June 2021

Over the last year many of us have had the chance to really take notice of nature, the trees birds, butterflies and bees. Nature is so exciting and creative!

Isn’t just amazing how butterflies come out of their cocoons and how ferns unfold their leaves? It’s like magic. There is so much to see and learn. As artists we love to draw from nature.

In these workshops we will look at how to make a really cool nature journal with some drawing and mixed media tips. Have your drawing drawing tools ready (pencils, pens and a notebook/journal).

The workshop  will explore:

  • How to be mindful in nature and how to see what is around us
  • How to draw in nature – our toolkit and quick tips
  • How to create a nature journal


This workshop is very timely after a year of lockdown when we have had all had a time to focus on nature and what is in our local biosphere. While the world is trying to address issues relating to climate change and biodiverisity loss, it is important as artists to take note of what is around us (the birds, trees, weather patterns etc). We can create records of the present and through our observations can be catalysts for change and transformation.

By getting to know the biodiversity around us, we are better able to become guardians to protect it.


Lisa Fingleton is Kerry County Council’s first Visual Artist in Residence. The residency is supported by Creative Ireland,  The Arts Council and Kerry’s Arts Office.

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